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Grease Lightning's sister company, LIGHTNING MEDIA, offers support and solutions to help businesses grow.

The old school ways of promoting and marketing just are not enough anymore. Being proactive, innovative and creative is essential to keeping your business growing. If you need help in finding that extra edge, Lightning Media can help. No matter what size you are--1 store or 50--we give you the information and support that can make a difference in your company’s bottom line.

LIGHTNING MEDIA SERVICES include Consultation, Business Analysis, Operations, Social Media, Public Relations, Cause Marketing, Communication, Advertising Insight, Promotional Tools, In-Store Media & more.

Lightning Media has decades of experience in not only the automotive world, but in media and marketing. They bring passion, creativity & enthusiasm to the table and want to help you succeed as well.

The cost?
Not only is Lightning Media affordable, many of the services we offer are available separately or you can pick and choose what fits your needs the best.

Don’t wait. Dare to be great!
Contact Lightning Media today and take control of your business’ present and future, before the guy down the street does.

Turning on your shop’s waiting room TV to just any channel is a wasted opportunity to educate and market to customers about your brand. The trick, however, is to do so without boring them or turning them off. Enter Lightning Media’s in-store video channel. News, sports, entertainment & weather, mixed with auto features & tips, commercial messages for your store, local information & events. It’s all packaged in 30 minute rotating cycles, so in the average wait time in your shop, your customers get your messages reinforced in a way that they’ll enjoy.

Imagine your own branded TV channel, with information your clients can use. Lightning Media’s content is updated daily, but you can control how long you’ll promote your store’s info or latest promotional opportunity. What’s more, it’s as turn-key or as hands on as you need it to be.

While your competitor misses out with Gilligan’s Island re-runs, you’ve got an entertaining multi-genre channel that make you the sole advertiser and looks like you run it. Call us today to find out about putting Lightning Media in your shop.

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